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It probably happened to most of us. Suddenly something caused Windows to become unresponsive or terribly slow. Very often this is related to a problem with the Windows Explorer application. Restarting the computer is then the only solution … you might know of.

Since a computer reboot takes time, it would be better if we do not need to restart the computer in these problem situations. So why not restart the Windows Explorer application only?

This is indeed possible, and can solve problems with windows XP in a quite a few situations. Windows Vista actually has this as one of the standard suggested solutions for Windows Explorer problems.

To manually restart the Windows Explorer, we need to follow these steps:

  1. Start the Windows Task Manager (press Ctrl+Shift+Esc).
  2. In the Task Manager, select the Process tab.
  3. In the Process tab, select the process with the name explorer.exe.
  4. Click the End Process button, and click Yes in the warning dialog box.
  5. Next, select New Task in the File menu of the Task Manager.
  6. In the Create New Task dialog box, type explorer.exe and click OK.

These steps effectively kill the explorer and then restart the explorer application, which should help you solve the Windows Explorer related problems. Although it might not work for all computer problems, it can help you save a computer reboot in many cases.


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